If you are interested in online marketing, you’ve chosen the most effective approach to marketing in history. Whether you’re blogging, emailing, or tweeting, your message has a high chance of being seen by someone interested in your product or service. Nearly 350 million people read blogs, 1 billion people use Twitter, and over 2 billion people use Facebook. These kinds of numbers were inconceivable before the internet. But in today’s connected world, your brand can get more attention than ever. Now, how do you attract the people who will actually utilize your brand? Simple: by using keywords.

Keywords are simply words that pertain to your line of work, industry, or another integral facet to business. They are essential on multiple levels. No matter what platform you’re using, you need to use the right words to attract the right audience. The right words will empower your brand make it easy to find among searches and trending topics.

Here are a few ways that choosing the right keywords will set your business up for success.

1. Hashtags. Anyone who has spent time on social media knows that hashtags (e.g., #homeimprovement, #pethealth, #privatelabelsupplement) are ways for users to discover new content in their favorite categories. The concept may be a little vague, but trust us: hashtags are extremely helpful. You can either tag a keyword in the body of the post itself or you can add them at the end of the post, after your call-to-action link. These tags should be words or phrases that your potential Consumers would use as search terms. As you can see with the examples above, Consumers looking for items or services in those categories would probably be using those terms to find the right business.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a phrase that’s used quite often nowadays. SEO gives your blog and website a competitive edge by using the right keywords and phrases that people search for most on Google and other search engines. There are plenty of tools that can help you find the most searched-for keywords and phrases, including many tools created by Google itself. By utilizing SEO techniques, your search engine ranking will go up—and thus your online visibility will grow significantly.

3. Voice Search Results. We’re now entering a new world of keyword and phrases in which your SEO must also cater to voice search result practices. If you use an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, Google Home, or a Siri-enabled devices you know how easy it is to verbally communicate with your tech. However, what pops up in paginated search results isn’t always what comes out of those speakers. Make sure your copy clearly answers commonly asked questions and incorporates industry-centric words. Remember to use a conversational tone since you’re trying to answer someone’s question. That way, your voice search ranking will rise.

4. Headlines. The art of the headline is alive and well in the era of blogging. A dash of data analysis, a healthy dose of psychology, and an extra scoop of strategy will get you a headline worth sharing. Headlines invite your readers to explore your article, and the content gets them to stay. There are several school of thoughts on what makes a good headline. A headline for list-based article should incorporate the number of list points. Sentences are preferred today, as opposed to the fragmented headlines of the past. Crafting good headlines is a bit like chess: easy to learn but hard to master. If you want people to read your article, your headline needs hot keywords that are trending and industry-specific.

As you can see, words are the cornerstone to your content. Make sure they are strong enough for the job.

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