Content marketing has risen in prominence over the past decade, and for good reason. This strategy allows brands to connect to their Consumers. With quality content , brands position themselves as resources and influencers in their industries. However, many companies are still dragging their proverbial feet when it comes to content marketing. While some companies might have valid reasons to avoid this strategy, most corporations seem to have based their refusal on misconceptions about content marketing. 

Today we are going to debunk myths and misconceptions about content marketing.

Myth 1. Any content is adequate.

Quality over quantity. Repeat that sentence out loud. Write it repeatedly on your whiteboard, your desktop calendar, your office walls–whatever it takes to make yourself understand that quality content is always better than more content. Go for quality.

Myth 2. Content marketing is just blogging.

Content marketing ranges from blogs to social media updates to video uploads to live-streamed events to webinars to ebooks and beyond. Blogs can be a major piece of your content strategy, but they should probably not be the only content you produce. In fact, you should definitely vary your content a bit: post a few vlogs instead of text blogs, for example.

Myth 3. Content marketing only works for certain industries.

If your business has Consumers, then your content will have an audience. No matter how boring, stodgy, or esoteric you think your business or industry might be, there are people who are interested in learning more about it. People who follow the blogs of companies that sell sprinkler systems, lumbar support pillows, and ferret nutritional supplements are called “Consumers” and content marketing allows those companies to reach them.

Myth 4. The only goal of content marketing is to increase sales.

To be honest, increasing sales is a goal of content marketing–increasing sales is a goal of any type of marketing. However, content marketing also aims to connect your business to your Consumers. In some cases, that connection translates into sales. In others, it means that your Consumer will see your blog as an informative resource. Now, because this Consumer associates your brand with valuable and reliable information, she will immediately think of your brand when she next needs the product or service you sell. Content marketing values connection, and connection leads to sales.

Myth 5.  A corporate blog should focus solely on the corporation.

Again, content marketing is all about connection. Consumers connect more easily when they see the human elements of a business. Many companies include content detailing the “civilian lives” of employees. For instance, a brand could profile an employee who raises money for Alzheimer’s research or an employee who competes as a semi-professional ballroom dancer. Of course, your employees should have final say over how much or how little the company can discuss their personal activities. 

We hope that this has cleared up any mistaken ideas you might have had regarding content marketing. This strategy has risen in popularity for years because it is so flexible and effective. It is never too late to improve your marketing methods. Contact us today to discover how we can help you incorporate content marketing into your company’s existing strategy.

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