Do You Need to Hire a Photographer? Yes, and Here’s Why

You have likely heard the cliché saying at least once in your life, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And while we might have heard this a dozen times over, this statement holds so much truth whether you are talking about family photos, general nature photos, or even marketing photos.

Especially when it comes to marketing – and specifically marketing online – it all comes back to storytelling. By nature, we are visual creatures – we want to see what we are getting. Of course, a description can help someone generate a visual in their own mind, but nothing compares to providing one for them.

Storytelling is what sells products, and storytelling is best done with a variety of content including high-quality images and a text description.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

One of the best ways to understand your audience is to temporarily become your audience.

When you are looking at a business Instagram, considering who you want to follow or contemplating who to buy a product from, what type of photos would you rather see?

Most likely, you would answer this question by saying you would much rather see professional photos and would be more likely to purchase an item that was displayed by a professional photo.

The bottom line is, our opinions are swayed by visuals – and high quality images sell better in the online marketplace. Using professional photos more effectively markets the product and gives the consumer a better sense of trust because they know exactly what they are getting.

As a consumer, when you see a professional photo you are more likely to feel like you are getting the full, accurate depiction of what the product will look like. Additionally, you are going to trust the seller more because you can see for yourself that they put time, effort and money into marketing their product to you.

Marketing Doesn’t Stop on Instagram

Yes, of course, you need great photos for social media – people are shopping on Instagram more than ever. However, it is also important for your business to have quality marketing photos for all avenues.

You will need high-quality, professional photos for your website, other social media platforms, email campaigns, direct mailers, billboards, and any other marketing avenues you decide to pursue.

In addition to wanting to have these photos all ready to go and high-quality enough that they can be used in all of these various scenarios, it is important for your branding to keep your style of photos consistent.

Hiring a photographer will allow you to create a portfolio of bold, powerful images to represent your products, your company, and most importantly, your brand.


Hiring a photographer is an investment, but it is one that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Great professional photos start with hiring the right photographer for your business.

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