#1 Secret Strategy for long term success on your website is SEO – Search Engine Optimization; also termed Search Optimization or just plain Search. These days it’s not optional for your company to make an investment in the optimization of your website. That is, if your expectation is to successfully sell product and services on your website.

The challenge becomes developing an effective, Custom Search Plan, understanding the tools that will help you achieve and succeed your Search plan, tracking and understanding where your Search success comes from and most importantly keeping up with the constant evolution of how Search Optimization works relevant to your success online (thanks to Organic techniques it is not all about Paid Search any longer). Keep in mind Google changes its algorithms 500 times a year to keep people logging into www.google.com and finding relevant search information.

Search Optimization is crucial to online and website brand integrity; ending up in the right places. Especially now, living in the world of Digital Marketing with Social Media and Social Networking and how they play into the success of your Search Plan. Customizing to your specific needs to ensure the optimization process is continuous and prosperous is a necessity.

Finding countless lists of the “How To’s” to Optimize your website ranging from 5-100+ points is not difficult. Narrowing the resources available is the key. You must keep online brand integrity forefront in your Search Plan and not fall prey to simply seeing what sticks solely for the sake of rankings. Compromising online brand integrity will take more time to correct than the original investment of time and resources put in; that is, if you are able to correct all that ends up in the wrong places.

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