Sometimes a tweet just isn’t long enough. Sometimes you need to write something informative, entertaining, and engaging all at the same time. Content that pulls in your audience and offers a valuable takeaway. Sometimes, you need to blog.

Blogging is one of the oldest forms of online communication, and it’s only getting more prevalent — especially for businesses who are trying to promote their online presence. It remains one of the cornerstones of content marketing and has proven to be one of the best ways to position your brand as an industry influencer.

Whether you’re new or an established brand, a blog is always a good idea. Here are just a few more facts about blogging that every business owner trying to market their business should know:

1. Thanks to blogging’s ability to  utilize search engine optimization (SEO), companies with a blog are likelier to show up in search engine results,  giving them more visibility online.

2. Blogs are considered to be one of most shared pieces of content on social media, which helps generate organic growth and brand visibility.

3. Successful blogs have a healthy mix of current and evergreen articles (“evergreen” refers to content that cannot become obsolete or irrelevant at a later viewing).

4. List-based headlines, particularly those with an odd number, do particularly well because readers are better able to digest large chunks of information in smaller bites.

5. The first two paragraphs of a blog are most essential for SEO keywords and links. This means that your writing must include the most searched for words that pertain to your subject matter. Linking to external sources or other blogs on your site will also increase your SEO ranking.

6. Blogging can benefit your email marketing with email sign-in prompts that readers can utilize before reading.

7. Studies show that businesses that post on their blogs at least once a week receive significantly more website visits.

As you can see, while blogging is an efficient way to share your wealth of information, it’s also essential to the online marketing process as a whole. It helps people find you via Google and other search engines as well increases your visibility for social media. At StartUp TakeOff, we understand the value of a strong team. We also know that finding the right people can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming, so we made it easy for our Clients. Choosing the wrong partners can be a costly misstep for any entrepreneur, which is why StartUp TakeOff’s founder, Stefani Thionnet, has assembled a diverse group of marketing experts from across the industry who will provide you with solutions that save you time and money. Our team of marketing industry veterans will get to know you and your brand so that we can provide solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. The best people often strike out on their own, but we’ve brought them together to get results you will love.

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