It’s a new year and most professionals have hit the ground running with boundless enthusiasm and a renewed drive for success. These people mean business and are ready to take on the world with their brand of products or services. However, without the right marketing strategy, reaching these heights of success may be out of reach completely.

Whether you are starting a new line of products from scratch or want to undergo the rebranding process, one thing is certain: you need a well-planned online marketing strategy to set you up for success in 2018.

To gain traction with your audience, having a prevalent voice online is an absolute must. With a majority of Americans using the internet as their primary source for information, purchases, communication, and entertainment, it only makes sense that your company should be expertly positioned as a brand worth engaging with.

If you are looking to create a successful online brand this year, here are the five vehicles that your business must not ignore:

1. Social media marketing. Social media has become a mainstream and multi-faceted platform. Newsflash, it’s not just a fad. Social media marketing has grown to the point where over 2 billion people use Facebook, 1 billion use Twitter, and over 600 million are on Instagram. As a result, over 50 million businesses are already utilizing social media marketing in some aspect and they are experiencing a new level of customer interaction like never before.

2. Social media advertising. It’s one thing to represent your brand on social media with engaging content and customer communication, it’s another to incorporate advertising services. A whopping $36 billion was spent in social media advertising last year. This is estimated to spike another $15-$16 billion in the coming years as the word is out — social media advertising works. These services help focus your message’s reach to the right audience, whether you’re looking for people in a specific demographic, location, or more.

3. Chatbots. Last year, we saw the beginning of chatbots being regularly used and 2018 is expected to dramatically spike with this innovative automated tool. Currently seen on Facebook Messenger, chatbots can answer customer inquiries, complete purchases, and even schedule appointments. Studies show that over 90% of online consumers see chatbots as the easiest way to communicate with a brand and nearly half have already used a chatbot to complete a purchase.

4. Email Marketing. Email marketing has proven to be a great way be in a consumer’s direct line of vision and stay in regular contact with those who have interacted with your brand previously. It’s become the oldest form of online marketing and for many industries, one of the most effective. 49% of all businesses use at least some form of email marketing. In fact, research has shone that once a customer opts into your email list, the chances of them using your brand nearly doubles.

5. Blogging. One of the main goals of online marketing is to establish your brand as a thought leader and influencer in your industry. This is why blogs have stood the test of time, particularly in the realm of B2C marketing.Nearly 80% of online consumers read blogs to make informed purchased. Companies that blog at least once per week have shown dramatic spikes of both sales and online customer engagement. The trick is to share knowledge and information with your customer base and as a result, they will trust your brand and move forward with a purchase.

The above 5 marketing methods all lead to the same goal — your eCommerce. Make sure your site is ready to take on the customers that want to purchase your products. Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that each of these work side by side in a symbiotic relationship and they all work towards getting you those leads!

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