4 Reasons to Have Your Website Professionally Designed & Built

If you own a business, you’re accustomed to rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty when there’s a job that needs doing. When that job is building a website though, it’s worth it to pause for a second and ask if a DIY job is really the right option here. After all, would you cut your own hair in advance of a big event?

I sure hope you answered no to that… otherwise, you can’t be surprised when people politely pretend not to know you. The point is that, sometimes, it makes sense to pay a professional for their services, and website design and construction is one of those times. Here are 4 reasons why it makes sense to hire a professional to design and build your website.

Unlimited Options for Customization

We all know it when we see it: a website that’s clearly been put together using a WordPress template that looks more-or-less the same as all the other ones out there. When you have your website professionally designed and built, you avoid that templated, out-of-the-box smell that tends to come with the DIY WordPress options out there.

A custom website also allows you to incorporate specific features that templated options may simply not offer – and when your website is your business, you’d better believe that you want to have it firing on all cylinders for you.

Professional Expertise in UX Design

Professional website designers also bring a ton of expertise in – surprise, surprise – website and user experience design. Unless your own business is also in web design, professionals likely have a great deal more knowledge than you do on the subject.

This matters because when you hire a professional to build your site for you, you reap the benefits of that knowledge. Those benefits can include more site traffic, a higher domain authority, better SEO rankings, and better conversion rates.

A Better Sense of What to Expect

Have you ever browsed another website, only to notice a few glitches here and there? I have, and I can tell you that the impression it left on me was less than stellar. When you work with a professional, they’ll test and troubleshoot the site as they build so you avoid the sorts of glitches and hiccups associated with a DIY WordPress build.

There’s also less downtime while you prepare your site for launch (or re-launch), thanks to less trial-and-error while you try to figure out how to solve that unexpected page error you keep getting in your content management system.

Less Time Consuming on Your Part

As a business owner, you should be focusing your valuable time and energy on growing your business, not on how to best optimize your website, how to code HTML, or any number of other things that don’t directly contribute to your bottom line.

When you hire a professional to design and build your site, you can forget about needing to learn how to code. More importantly, you don’t have to spend the time to both learn how to build a website and then actually get the job done. That means more time spent on building your business (or sipping margaritas on a beach, I’m not judging).


Having your website professionally designed and built comes with a whole host of benefits, including time savings on your part, a better browsing experience for your customers, more revenue, and greater ease of use.

There’s a cost to paying someone else to do the job for you, of course. But when you consider all of the long-term benefits of going that route, you have to ask yourself: can you really afford not to have your site professionally designed?

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