As with all of our services, we tailor our Google Marketing Strategy to your specific brand. Our team of experts takes the time to thoroughly research your business and industry so that we can develop a plan that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Our goal is to generate traffic to your website. We tailor our approach, however, so that you reach your target audience. We follow a three-pronged strategy: organic search results, paid search results, and remarketing.

Organic Search Results
Our team of SEO (search engine optimization) specialists goes to work, utilizing tools offered by Google: Google Webmasters, Google Analytics, and Google My Business; both on-page and off-page optimization methods so that your site ranks as high as possible in search results. On-page optimization is traditional, direct SEO: using the best keywords and key phrases throughout your content. Off-page optimization is a similar, albeit indirect method of SEO. Off-page optimization involves creating online “word of mouth” buzz, via guest blogs, press releases, product reviews, and more. Such posts will necessarily include the keywords you need–connecting the keywords with your brand in a roundabout way. The goal of on-page optimization is for your brand to be discovered in a search. The goal of off-page optimization is for your brand to be discussed by your industry.

Paid Search Results
Google AdWords is a PPC (pay per click) model that allows brands to purchase advertisements appearing at or near the beginning of search results. The company then pays for every visitor who clicks on that ad. This is an efficient and surprisingly cost-effective method of generating traffic to your website. The PPC model is more adaptable than SEO: if a new trend arises, we can adjust your PPC ads immediately and gauge the trend’s effectiveness before adjusting your SEO strategy. We constantly monitor traffic data to make sure that you are getting the most from the PPC campaign.

Have you visited a retail website, left without purchasing an item, then noticed an online advertisement for that brand on other websites for days or even weeks later? This is remarketing: maximizing conversion via targeting advertisements on website visitors who did not complete a transaction. People who have visited your page are usually still interested in your product. Remarketing allows us to remind them of that fact. When they are ready to complete a purchase, they will remember your brand.

At StartUp TakeOff, we understand the value of a strong team. We also know that finding the right people can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming, so we made it easy for our Clients. Choosing the wrong partners can be a costly misstep for any entrepreneur, which is why StartUp TakeOff’s founder, Stefani Thionnet, has assembled a diverse group of marketing experts from across the industry who will provide you with solutions that save you time and money. Our team of marketing industry veterans will get to know you and your brand so that we can provide solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. The best people often strike out on their own, but we’ve brought them together to get results you will love.

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