Are you trying to reach a younger audience with your marketing? Then you need to take a step back and re-strategize. As you could imagine, marketing to Millennials and Generation Z is different from marketing to Baby Boomers or another older generation. Social media marketers especially have a task ahead as they must incorporate unique and innovate tools and techniques. However, incorporating nontraditional assets in content marketing is a creative way to engage new customers and set yourself apart from the competition. Read more to find out how!

Memes are all over the internet. These funny viral images are usually accompanied by text and reference a joke or trend that has spanned across the web. Memes can also be cartoons or drawings that are removed from their original context. Often times these images are used as reactions, but you can also include them in the content itself to highlight points or ideas. While we could discuss the dangers of pushing a joke that not everyone may understand, we shall instead focus on attribution. Artists always deserve credit for their work. Even if the original artist has made peace with their work being shared across the web, he or she will definitely have issues with a company using that same image for content marketing. It is imperative that you give credit where credit is due.

GIFs are a fun way to enhance content. These moving images add wit, emotion, and cultural awareness to media. Hyping up your new service or product? Show a person nodding enthusiastically. Dismissing a dubious claim from a competitor? Attach a character rolling her eyes. Ending on an authoritative note? Insert a mic drop. Companies must be careful when choosing a GIF, however. Always look for its original context before you post. Using a funny GIF from divisive or offensive source material risks a PR disaster. Your goal is to look relevant, not clueless or indifferent.

Tread carefully. When it comes to emojis, there is a very fine line between clever and annoying. These tiny images can add zest to a social media post, but you could also obscure its meaning. Don’t overuse your emojis unless you’re sure that you’re knocking it out of the park (e.g., Domino’s tweet of a pizza slice made entirely of pizza slice emojis). Never use an emoji in a serious post: no matter how well-intended, the inherent silliness of emojis will undercut your meaning. Companies with international markets should be culturally sensitive: certain hand signs (e.g., thumbs-up, peace sign) that indicate approval in the US may be considered vulgar in other countries.

Social media marketers must embrace innovation to succeed! These are just a few examples of fun additions to content that will engage a new generation of consumers. Never be afraid of innovation!

How have you incorporated assets like these in your marketing? Share with us below.

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