Perhaps this is the most crucial, time saving post to read prior to getting started with your website.  There are many intricate pieces to become successful online.  Mapping out, white boarding your focus is where you need to start.

It may be easy to get a website up on the web; however, if you do not have any visitors what is the point?

Following these 10 tips will serve huge purpose to your success:

1. Self Teach.  Great way to savor that budget.  Take time to read as often as you can.  Google is your new best friend.

2. Identify what you are looking to do on your site – the purpose.  What is it?  WRITE THAT DOWN (every time it comes to mind and weigh out what works best).

3. Set yourself apart from your competition.  By the way, who is your competition?  Find 3 other companies and DON’T copy their model.  Apply your personality and let your passion for what you do come through.

4. Update your site constantly.  Keep a notebook close by; write down any and all ideas that come across your mind.

5. Research pricing. You need to be competitive.

6. Spread the word on what you do.

7. Set aside quiet time for you and your site daily.  Update, Update, Update. Repeat visits is the greatest form of flattery; well, next to a sale of course!

8. Obtain trusted external links to your site.

9. Start a Blog and connect it to your site.  Search engines LOVE Blogs.

10. Engage the customer.  Forget how you learned to write in school.  Use you, love, your…personalize your copy.

One last thing…. DON’T GIVE UP!  WALK AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD, LET YOUR MIND REST and return with the enthusiasm your customers want to see!

Does it still seem like too much?  Ask StartUp TakeOff to partner up with you to find One Stop Online Success.

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