LinkedIn is a social media platform exclusively designed to help professionals connect with one another. How could a social media platform focused on networking be used to promote your product line? Believe it or not, LinkedIn may be the missing piece you’ve been looking for to complete your social media marketing puzzle.

If you are on LinkedIn, you are most likely looking to expand your network as an innovator and reputation as an expert in your field. You can establish yourself as an individual who has progressive goals and a growth-oriented career mindset. You could also establish a business page to connect with others in your industry. However, none of these abstract gains may seem to matter if you are fixated on trying to move products. A warehouse full of inventory can make even the most prestigious connections seem unimportant by comparison, after all.In truth, LinkedIn can help you sell products in the same way as other forms of social media outreach, like blogging and email marketing. As we mentioned, if you have established yourself and your business in your industry, LinkedIn can raise your visibility. With nearly 500 million people logging into the “networking site for professionals,” you have an opportunity to make lasting connections–and sell your wares in the process.The most effective way to do this is to share original articles through LinkedIn Groups. You can sign up for 50 of these communities and share the same content. There are over 2.5 million groups, with a range of subscribers (some niche interest groups have only 100 members, while groups devoted to an industry or profession can have over 50,000 members). This is a prime opportunity to share your knowledge about your industry. The opportunities are exciting, but slow your roll. Keep in mind that this is neither the time nor the place to start hawking products and promotions just yet: any of your marketing needs to be much more subtle this time around.

Instead of spamming the group with impassioned sales pitches or “jokingly” posting an N’SYNC parody titled “Buy, Buy, Buy,” you should use the group to share insights and opinions about current events in the industry. Someone who owns a pet health supplement line could talk about the importance of keeping dogs and cats active and on nutritious diets. A purveyor of skincare products could talk about the science behind their ingredients and explain the vast number of benefits offered. Right now the name of the game is spreading the word. It’s easy to see how you may be able to sell more products now. This will lead to organic growth, and (virtual) word-of-mouth buzz.

If you haven’t joined LinkedIn yet, you need to act now. Since it has been acquired by Microsoft, many new features have become available. Our clients have benefited from this platform, and we know that you can too. If you’re unsure about your own marketing abilities, get in touch with us. Your business should benefit from our expertise and insights. We can help you launch your social media campaign or retool your previous social media strategies.  We’re here to help.

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