What do you hate most about advertising? For me, I hate videos that autoplay with sound on, videos without captions, and ads that don’t seem to apply to me. When I see ads like that, not only do I want to get past the ad as quickly as possible, but I also think poorly of the company that made it. All businesses need to advertise themselves, but making sure that Customers are excited about advertisements is what gets sales.  

So what are the key details to make sure that your Facebook ads get the best possible responses?  

No Audio Autoplay 

I know I’ve said it above, but I’m going to say it again – don’t have Facebook ads that autoplay audio. We all know how jarring it is to have your computer suddenly play loud noises – and how frustrating it is when the audio interrupts our favorite playlist.  

Autoplaying silent video, however, can be absolutely great for Customers. Those who are interested can watch the entire video without turning on the sound if they want, especially if you include captioning (which you should.). This keeps Customers happy when they’re on public transportation, in the office, or browsing after the kids are in bed.  

Carefully Target Your Ads 

There’s a certain ad I see every time I turn on a particular program. It’s targeted at people in my age demographic, but there’s nothing else about me that would make a company think, “Hey, she’ll like that ad.” And I see the ad again and again, even though I don’t engage with it.  

This is so frustrating as a Customer. One simple truth: Customers want us to tell them what to buy. There are so many options out there and they’re overwhelmed. A strong ad campaign shows them how to get what they need. But if you’re not targeting your ads correctly, you’re wasting your money and frustrating your audience.  

Look at more than age demographics. Consider gender, family status, other interest information…Facebook lets you get very specific in how your ads are targeted. Until you get used to the system, it’s better to go too narrow instead of too broad.  

Track Results 

When I work with Clients who already know what goals and metrics they want to achieve, I’m so excited; I know just how to get them what they want. But Clients may also be a little unsure of the best way to grow their business. That’s when I really enjoy helping them find the right path.  

One key detail when you use Facebook ads is to track your results. If you’re trying to get more click-throughs to your website, check whether you are. If you want to see more comments and engagement on your posts, track it. You can’t know if you’re succeeding if you’re not looking at what’s happening.  

How We Can Help 

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