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Stefani Thionnet

StartUp TakeOff was founded by Stefani Thionnet in 2008, who was currently transitioning start-up companies to the next level of profitable growth.

Stefani Thionnet narrowed her company focus to pursue her passion of the profitable online world in late 2010.

Spending over 16 years managing beauty and skincare companies, Thionnet skewed her time creating specific online branding solutions, including repeat online clients which created online sales growth; including Web Design, Web Functionality, Content Management, SEO, Blueprint Marketing, Online Customer Loyalty and Online Advertising Campaigns. All resulting in creating enormous online sales growth for the companies she serviced. Thionnet’s power of creation stems from her ability to see the big picture; balancing sales growth and bottom line profitability for her clients.

In 2010, under Thionnet’s leadership evolution occurred for StartUp TakeOff while on task at a leading private label contract manufacturer in the dietary supplement industry. The company’s Website served as their number one salesperson, attracting entrepreneurs with solid product ideas. Quality products were brought to fruition and shipped out the door. Leaving thousands of Entrepreneur’s ready to take on the World Wide Web, justifiably leery about where to start. Prior successes well beyond manufacturing, found Thionnet in a precarious position. It was difficult to adapt to this side of the process; limiting the amount of service to clients, unable to teach and lead Clients the 3 P’s of the online world; content, search and social media. Leaving their dream product sitting on their Website.

Thionnet seamlessly transitioned StartUp TakeOff’s one stop online success enticing product gurus, entrepreneurs with innovative products and services, small business owners not yet on the Web and those who need help getting started online. Adding her 100% satisfaction guarantee promise cemented her business model.

Thionnet’s deep involvement with her own company Websites, beingtrue.com and dgskincare.com carried over delivering online branding and online sales solutions within key partner sites; sephora.com, nordstrom.com, skinstore.com, beauty.com. Evolving with the World Wide Web, creating online sales growth and specific online branding solutions was beyond captivating for Thionnet. Her commitment and enviable results were well noted in the industry.

Under the direction of Thionnet, StartUp TakeOff’s team of industry experts has nurtured the aforementioned to creating specific online branding solutions including blueprint online marketing, providing Internet products, Website design, site creative services, online presence, online foundation, long term online strategy, Search Engine Optimization, growth Website marketing, online marketing, social networking, business development, financial planning and online consulting services. Ultimately, enabling her to create online sales growth for the businesses she was serving.

Thionnet is dedicated to her constant companions; puppies Nicholas and Max. She is a California girl who stays grounded and finds true joy by spending time with her boys. Their unconditional love is irreplaceable. Being outside and near the water is a family favorite. Thionnet is also devoted to Pranayama Yoga. Practicing under physical, emotional, mental solvent healer Corrie Borris.

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