You understand the power of social media marketing. Your brand has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You have a presence on LinkedIn and a channel on YouTube. You’ve got this social media thing covered, right? Almost there; let’s not overlook Pinterest.  

Pinterest is an excellent opportunity for social media marketing. Curiously, few companies have taken advantage of this platform. Here are just a few reasons you should consider getting a business account on Pinterest.

1. People use different social media platforms for different reasons. 

People visit each social media platform for a specific reason: Marius checks his Facebook to catch up with his friends and family; he uses LinkedIn for professional networking. People generally see Pinterest as a creative resource, a place to gather ideas and inspiration. You can capitalize on the different goals of this platform’s users and how those goals can benefit your business.

2. Users visit Pinterest to research brands and products.

A study of social media users and purchasing influence by eMarketer found that when asked which social media platform influenced them in making a purchasing decision, Pinterest was the second site mentioned after Facebook (16.4 percent of respondents and 31.8 percent of respondents, respectively). Users go to Pinterest to research products or purchases. When Jean and George decided to upgrade their backyard deck, they looked at Pinterest for design ideas. After a short while they began to research the products they would need–and whether they should opt for a grill that used charcoal or propane.

3. Pinterest offers a clear path to purchase.

Amalia wanted to check out the Pinterest account of her favorite line of clothing, Thénardier’s Threads. While there, she saw a cute sweater, clicked on it, and found the link to the shop’s website. She purchased her sweater immediately. More so than any other platform, Pinterest offers Consumers a clear and efficient pathway to the goods or services they want to buy. 

4. You can integrate Pinterest into your other social media profiles.

You can include Pinterest as a sidebar on your Facebook or Twitter account. You can cross-post your pins onto different social media platforms, too. It is also possible to include a Pinterest sidebar on your homepage if needed, be sure to consult your web designer for specifics.

5. Pinterest can be creative and fun.

Pinterest doesn’t have to be as rigid as other platforms. You could even pin things that interest you personally, like fan art, recipes, and quotes. Pinterest is ideal for the casual user, so you don’t need to stress over your posts. Even more than Instagram, Pinterest allows your brand’s personality to shine through to your Consumers. Adding Comments to your Pins further extends the voice and personality of your brand. In doing so, you may also increase your Followers. 

Pinterest is an excellent opportunity for the savvy online marketer. Isn’t it time that you took advantage of its potential?

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