Are you savvy when it comes to advertising on social media? Keep reading to find out more!

“If you post it, they will come,” seems to be the mantra of many digital marketers. However, simply inundating your potential customers with Facebook ads will often do your brand more harm than good. Consider how annoyed you become when random ads pop up in your feed: “Why am I seeing this? Do they really think I’d believe this? Why on earth are they trying to sell this?!”

But social media is all about connection, and people really do want to connect to their favorite brands. So how can you take advantage of customers’ desire for affiliation without alienating or irritating them? Here are some key concepts to successful social media ads.

1. Authenticity
Consumers don’t want to feel like consumers. They crave authenticity; they want to feel that the brand is communicating with them, not only selling something to them. People use social media to connect, so connect with your customers.

2. Utility
Is the ad useful to them in some way? Videos, infographics, and blogs are great examples of useful and effective advertising.

3. Context
Ask yourself why a person uses that specific platform. Users are in one mindset when perusing, say, Pinterest and another when browsing Facebook. Determine how your customers use that particular social media platform, then decide if your product/service fits.

4. Credibility
Today’s consumers have grown wise to native advertising. People will gladly accept and even seek out recommendations from friends on social platforms, but will be wary of posts from non-neutral parties. Credible sources are more effective than sources with a perceived bias, regardless of how much content those sources churn out.

5. Accessibility
Customers want to contact you. Chat features are a great way to build consumer relationships. This would not only give the consumers access to your company, it would also engender goodwill toward your brand. Again, social media is all about connecting.

6. Persistence 
Consumers will respond positively to a steady stream of quality content. You need to set your plan in motion and then stick to it. Devise regular schedules and format for your content.

Social media cannot be ignored. Online communities constantly grow and evolve, and businesses must constantly keep up. You must be proactive if you want to succeed in the social media marketplace. If you take this advice, you will avoid the common mistakes of most advertisers.

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