Blogs take work. You can’t just post a press release every few months and expect traffic. Corporate blogs are a valuable part of any of content marketing strategy. Below, we discuss the biggest mistakes companies make when running their blogs. Note: We did not discuss design issues like layout here, as visual aspects of your blog generally fall under website development.

1. Poor Writing
This problem goes beyond grammar and spelling. You might be tempted to assign blogging duties to anyone who has extra time, but don’t. You’ll be stuck with a writer who is not fully invested or even interested in content creation (Jacinda from Accounting is more focused on finalizing those TPS reports than on writing engaging content). Even if you have a volunteer, you need to make sure that the person can actually perform this task well (Drew in HR enjoys writing, but he’s terrible with grammar and spelling). Treat this as any other job: hire a new employee or assign this duty to an employee who is willing, able, and talented.

2. Inconsistent Updates
Good blogs are updated regularly according to a set schedule. Customers won’t click on your newest blog post if they see that it’s three months old. It’s understandable if your blog has a brief period of dormancy (although if this lasts longer than a few weeks, the blog will look abandoned) when the person formerly tasked with blogging leaves the company or takes a different role. Like any other job duty, however, it must be reassigned in the interim. Even if you’re just linking to content (do NOT just copy content) that your customers might find interesting, keep updating.

3. Posting Only Promotional Material
Over-marketing is possible. Marketing is about more than constantly promoting your company, product, or service. The goal of marketing is to connect your brand to your audience. You can occasionally post about upcoming product launches, company news, or current promotions, of course. However, limiting your subjects to advertisements is a surefire way to alienate today’s savvy consumers.

4. Your Blog’s Tone Does Not Match Your Brand
You’re blog is filled with DIY advice and life hacks, but your company’s market is real estate investors. Your company prides itself on a casual and fun image, but your blog posts are dry monographs. Just as you had to tailor your brand to appeal to your target audience, you must make certain that your blog’s voice fits your brand.

5. Anonymous Writers
Customers engage with personalities: this is why influencer marketing is so successful. Again, marketing is about connecting your brand with your customers. Attribute posts to the writers (you might want to use pseudonyms, usernames, or just first names, depending on your company and on the writer’s comfort level).

6. Monotonous Content
To paraphrase Curtis Jackson, do not be afraid to change your style (and if others dislike the innovation, just let them seethe in resentment as you watch your traffic and ROI increase). Vary your content. For example, a lifestyle brand could post a news article Monday, an employee profile Wednesday, and a DIY tutorial Friday. A law firm specializing in workers’ compensation might alternate between news articles and posts explaining common legal misconceptions.

7. Unresponsive to Comments
The purpose of a blog is to connect with your customers. When readers leave comments, respond. This will show customers and readers that you are open to their opinions, that you welcome their involvement. If commenters become problematic (off-topic or offensive comments), you might want to moderate the comments section.

As you can see above, these cardinal sins of company blogs are rampant yet easy to avoid. Our team can ensure that your blog and your overall social media strategy will soar above your competition. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

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