For Consumers, Facebook is a fun communication platform. For successful marketers, it’s a tool to build relationships between brands and their Consumers. For unsuccessful marketers, however, Facebook can be an intimidating and confusing system that can cost a fortune when poorly utilized. But here’s the good news: despite Facebook’s extremely complex algorithm and seemingly infinite list of options, mastering this social media platform is actually quite simple.

Our team at StartUp/TakeOff knows that Facebook is a force to be reckoned with and can be a total game changer for our Clients. Since 50 million businesses are logging in every day, it’s clear that there is success to be found on Facebook. The truth is that Facebook marketing isn’t that hard. In fact– as long as you know what you’re doing–it’s easy. However, many marketers don’t understand how to adapt the tried-and-true strategies of yesteryear to the social media platforms of today.

Here are three simple steps that you can take towards simplifying Facebook marketing.

1. Know your market before your begin. Understanding your brand’s target audience simplifies a lot more than just Facebook. Social media marketing is most effective when it is targeted marketing: who is your customer? The best way to find out this crucial information is to create some Consumer Personas, based on who your your product is intended for. It’s helpful to create a fully developed fictional character: name, backstory, the works. Consider age, gender, income, location, needs, wants, interests, beliefs, and occupation. All of this will do wonders for you in the content creation side of Facebook marketing, but also when you’re advertising.

2. Establish your budget. If you expect to go into Facebook marketing without spending a dime, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You get what you pay for and if you spend absolutely nothing, there’s a >5% chance of getting noticed by your desired audience. Speak with your team and decide how much you want to spend per advertisement. Where do you want to focus your spending power? Boosted posts? Website clicks? Retargeting strategies? Figure out what works for your brand. You could also use a variety of different types and analyze the performance of each. The takeaway here is that you should definitely know how much you’re planning on spending before you start. It will make a world of difference.

3. Schedule automatic updates in advance. Social media marketing takes time and effort. It’s a full time job (trust us), entailing content creation, advertising, analyzing, and so much more. But one thing you don’t need to add to that list is watching the clock so that you can post at the right times. This is one task that has thankfully been automated. You can schedule your Facebook posts by simply going into your Business Manager and scheduling your posts for the best times. With Facebook, we suggest between 1:00-4:00pm.

If you keep things simple, Facebook marketing will prove to be much more useful than you think. Do yourself a favor and keep these three ideas in the back of your mind as you strive for success.

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