It will come as no surprise that content marketing is one of the cornerstones of a successful online marketing strategy.  But once you’ve decided to incorporate content marketing into your strategy, the next step is to assemble your team of talented content creators. And there are options.  You can outsource, hire, or pull from your existing staff.

No matter what method you use to gather your content creation team, you must choose each member very carefully. While each individual team member might not have all of the skills listed below, the team as a whole should display these qualities overall.

(Note: these are not listed in any particular order.)

1. Excellent Writing and Editing Abilities
What would content marketing be without content? Your copywriters will form the nucleus of your content creation team. Likewise, you’ll need people who can proofread efficiently and effectively. This will provide your company with a one-two punch that will help you pump out engaging content fast and purposefully.

  1. Design Experience
    Content marketing is not all about the written word.  Visuals are also extremely important to your overall strategy.  Design experience, meaning graphic design experience, will help bring your written content to life. Another perfect addition to your team in this category?  Having an experienced web designer around is always helpful.
  2. Strong Data Analysis 
    Pouring lots of time and effort into your content creation is absolutely worthless if you do not know if it is effective or not.  With that in mind, you will need team members who have a strong sense of numbers and data analysis so that you will know what content works best.  The truth is in the numbers.
  3. Familiarity with Search Engine Optimization
    Being able to be found highly on a Google Search can really take a business to the next level.  SEO (or search engine optimization) is where copywriting meets analytics. Thankfully, this skill can be quickly learned on the job and is an essential tool for online growth.
  4. Familiarity with Online Writing 
    Online writing would include blogs, emails, and social media updates. The specifications for good digital writing are slightly different from the writing styles of more traditional media. Being well acquainted with these styles will not only increase the engagement online, but also help speed up the content generation process.
  5. Social Media Expertise
    Odds are that your team members are probably using at least one social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Expertise, however, stems from understanding the inner workings of the different social media sites. Experience with features like social media advertising (especially on Facebook) is always a plus.
  6. Expert Communication Abilities
    In order to get a clear message across to your target Consumers via your content marketing strategy, it is important to be an expert communicator. Your copywriters will need this skill, of course, but it is also vitally important for your team as a whole.
  7. Knowledge of Content Distribution and Promotion
    Someone will need to know how to market the content you produce for your content marketing. Where should you post it and how should you promote it? Creating effective communication channels online to distribute your message is essential (such as email marketing, social media, and more).
  8. Knowledge of Consumer Psychology 
    You want someone who has a deeper understanding of why your Consumers do what they do and want what they want. When trying to build your profile online, it is of great benefit to understand behaviors to engage your Consumers properly.

    10. Creativity

    With a consistent content marketing strategy comes the need for endless ideas.  Your team should be able to create content for a multitude of formats on an ongoing basis. They should be able to turn current trends into content fodder. They’ll need to stay on their toes, creatively speaking.
  9. Versatility
    As with all marketing professionals, your team should be adaptable and flexible. Your team should include writers, artists, designers, videographers, podcasters, etc. Ideally, they should be able to leverage all of their soft skills and amateur interests in ways that benefit your brand.
  10. Expert Research Abilities
    When it comes to delving into new topics, is your team equipped to take on new subjects quickly? Having expert research abilities is important both for the creative staff and analytical staff. Whether its delving into trending topics or finding out which pages got the most traffic, your team will need to be excellent researchers.
  11. Customer Service Experience
    This is important for any well-rounded team, but especially for the team members who are tasked with interacting with your Consumers. The person who answers questions and responds to comments should have some experience dealing with the public.

    14.Impeccable Time Management

    Let’s face it, time is money.  It is important for your team to be effective in managing their projects from start to finish, or you will be footing the bill. Content marketing involves multiple simultaneous projects and deadlines. Your team needs self-discipline to make everything flow smoothly.

    15. Collaborative Attitude

    It takes a village to produce amazing content. Your team will work together to develop and perfect your brand’s content. You need them to work as a functional unit, so that your brand can get the best content possible.

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